Alarms & CCTV Repairs:   from: £35.00
Wireless Alarms: from: £349.00
Wired Alarms:  from: £279.00
 CCTV System:  from: £449.00


WE GIVE QUOTE’S, OVER THE PHONE, the price we quote is all you pay.
PROMPT SAME DAY SERVICE, covering Merseyside.

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Absolute alarms Liverpool are not on trade sites, this will help reduce pricing, for our customers. We are insured as well as being  approved installers, we have been trading over 25 years, we can give full quotes over the phone, we cover all of merseyside, same day prompt service.

At Absolute Alarms and Security Systems, we know that a secure house means a stress free home. we have the experience and understanding required to fit your home or business with a security system suitable for all.

Most of our work is of word of mouth. We are proud of the positive reputation formed from our installations.

We are approved, you can always depend on our professionalism and quality of security systems 

Liverpool Warrington, Southport, Runcorn, Wirral and surrounding area’s,


alarms liverpool

Absolute Alarms Liverpool, are committed to providing the highest quality service.

All systems are installed to a high standard, we leave your property clean and tidy after installing a system.

Absolute Alarms Liverpool, will give you a FREE dummy bell box, as well as an additional internal sounder, to complement your new system and make it complete.

CALL 0151 476 2421

Wired alarm systems fully installed. from as little as: £279.00

Wireless alarm systems fully installed. from as little as: £349.00

CALLl: 0151 4762421 


cctv liverpool

Absolute Alarms Liverpool  will provide a simple CCTV system for viewing your driveway, front door, car or back of property in a few Hrs.

We can provide top spec systems, with internet connectivity, allowing you to view your CCTV on your PC / MAC, I-pad  or Phone anywhere around the world

All our CCTV systems are the latest and up to date, at the time of installation, we do not use CCTV equipment that has moved from he Security sector to the DIY sector, this will give you the best for your moony and the quality you can expect from absolute alarms Liverpool.

CCTV systems, start from only  £449.00

electrical solutions liverpool

Absolute Alarms Liverpool can now provide a Professional  Electrician,

Whether you require a simple mains socket  fitting or a full blown lighting design and installation service, our electricians are available for all jobs, no matter the size or scale.

Absolute Alarms Liverpool,  offer low cost, high standard services

Certification and periodic testing and inspections, are just a few things that can be arranged. head on over to our electrical section on this website.

why not give us a call, it could be more conveiant to get the quote or answers you are looking for.

CALL: 0151 4762421


Buying electronic security to secure your premises is a very important decision, whether for domestic or commercial premises. It is essential that the products you choose give’s the protection you want. It is equally important that the quality of the installation work, and the ongoing service you receive from the installation company, meets proven industry standards. at ABSOLUTE alarms liverpool, we will give you the support you require.You can contact us at any time, we operate a 24 Hr service.

Call Chris: 0151 4762421

Reasons to Install Security System, from: Absolute Alarms Liverpool

  • Protect Your Home Family and Business from Intruders. …

  • Provide Your Family with Peace of Mind. …

  • Protect Your Valuables.

  • Save on Homeowners Insurance.


Domestic burglary has risen by more than 30% according to the latest police recorded figures.

Overall, total recorded crime is up 14% and the figures from 44 forces show:

 Robbery up 29%
 Sex offences up 23%
 Knife Crime up 21%.
 Violent crime up 20%

The latest recorded crime figures also show there were 261,915 domestic burglaries in the year to September 2017 – a rise of 32%.

However it is important to note that these levels are nowhere near the levels seen in the 1990s when crime peaked.

Indeed figures from the separate Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) – also released which are based on people’s experiences, suggests crime continues to fall.

This survey, based on interviews with 35,000 households in England and Wales, includes crimes that people do not report to police.

Jayne Pascoe, Strategic Partnerships Director for Neighbourhood Watch, said “The recorded figures reflect what we’ve seen here at Neighbourhood Watch with more people contacting us to want to set up a scheme in their area.

“So now, more than ever, home security is an important way people can take an active role in protecting their homes.

“To prevent burglary the most important thing you can do is make your home look like there’s someone there at all times and to fit good window and door locks and ALWAYS leave a light on when you’re out for the evening.” Its recommended. that your home security system is up to date and serviced well.

Crime levels are nowhere near the levels seen in the 1990s, because more homes and business have new security systems, such as what you will find on this website, by Absolute Alarms Liverpool.

Mark Bangs, Crime Statistics and Analysis, Office for National Statistics, commented on the latest figures.

“These latest figures indicate that levels of crime have continued to fall compared with the previous year, but this picture varied across different types of crime and not all offence types showed falls.

“While overall levels of violent crime were not increasing, there is evidence of rises having occurred in some of the low incidence but more harmful categories such as knife and gun crime”.

“The first year-on-year comparisons from new estimates of fraud, one of the most frequently occurring crimes, indicate fewer incidents were experienced by the general population compared with the previous year.”



ABSOLUTE alarms Liverpool, 

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This video explains what Absolute alarms Liverpool have to offer, please note, we did not compose this video production 

Chris Saphier 

ABSOLUTE alarms liverpool,

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Our pricing policies, has not changed in five years, however we have removed ourselves from payed telephone directories, trade sites, as there pricing for adverts no longer justifiable, this means we can maintain a good pricing structure, we have been trading a long time so the internet social media and networking is our goal, having said that 80% of our leads come from customer recommendations.


have a look at this video  this explains why alarms Liverpool, don’t advertise on phone and trade site  directories  its a little bit of fun to watch.

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 We cover all merseyside, give us a call at absolute alarms Liverpool.

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