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The idea of a Burglar Alarm is to simply try to deter a potential burglary occurring at your house and to an extent it works a treat, after all if your house is alarmed and another house just up the street isn’t, then your house is a lot less likely to get targeted. If you’ve ever looked for a home security system, then you know there are a wide variety of options available.  Burglar Alarm systems, supplied and installed in your property from Absolute Alarms Liverpool, cost from as little as: £279.00,

At Absolute  Liverpool, we only supply and install high-grade Alarm systems, which has a class specification approved by insurance companies.

You can find out more information down this page about the products we have to offer from Absolute Alarms Liverpool.

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Our best-selling wireless alarm
Pyronix Enforcer

1 Enforcer V10  two-way wireless panel 

2 KX10DP-WE – wireless KX pet PIR detector 

1 Two-way wireless mini magnetic contact 

1 DELTA/MOD-WE – wireless bell box

FREE decoy bell box, for back of property 

Full kit above installed in your property, with a 12 month warranty, 


Key Fobs and app for IOS / Android available.


Wireless Alarms Liverpool



Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems found in D.I.Y, outlets do not quite cut the mark.  A saying i found true was “you pay for what you get”, well, when it comes to Wireless Alarm Systems, this is a true statement.
 We understand the cost and the efficiency of using D.I.Y equipment, only if you get it yourself and have a go at installing it, but when a professional Alarm installer provides you with a D.I.Y system and gives the impression that this the best thing since sliced bread, then sorry but it’s wrong.
At Absolute Burglar Alarms Liverpool, we only use Class 2 / 3 Wireless Alarm systems.  You can find out more information down this page about the products we use.
Our systems start as little as:


At Absolute Burglar Alarms Liverpool, we use a wide range of motion detectors such as PET sensors, this allows the system to be set while your pets are at home going from room to room. Dual Technology sensors for heat environmental places such as conservatory’s, sheds and garages. Break Glass sensors for, yes you got it, to detect a glass window being smashed

We provide a lot of other units such as Panic Buttons, Vibration Detectors, Door and Window contacts and smoke alarm units

To find out whats best for you and your property just call Chris to get advice on all our products and services, we will even visit your property to have a chat about your security requirements. 

Our best selling wired alarm

Texecom Veritas Compact C8 Alarm system

Compact 8 Panel

Additional Hi volume sounder

2 Pet friendly PIR detector units


Alarm Bell Box Complete with Flashing Led’s, back up battery and strobe

Decoy bell box, fore back of property

Battery 1.2A 

Get the  full kit above installed in your property, with a 12 month warranty, from Absolute Burglar Alarms Liverpool.



Wired Alarms Liverpool



It’s so easy to use our alarm systems, in most cases it just a matter of pressing one button and leaving the building.  When you return you just enter your code. We take you through full process of using your alarm system, showing you how to set and unset the system, as well as changing codes, on each system there are settings to set the whole system or part of the system as well as door chime. We also include a high volume internal sounder and a free decoy bell box for back of property, this will match the fully working bell box on the front of property.  FREE on all new installed alarm systems, from Absolute Alarms Liverpool.

Our systems start as little as:£279.00Call Chris to discuss your requirements.


The Alarm industry is a very complex industry, there are sometimes more answers than questions, at Absolute Burglar Alarms Liverpool, we can offer a lot more, but the aim of this website is to keep things simple, so the domestic customer can gain some understanding, of what could be right for them. Above are just some units that we offer, CONTACT  Chris at: Absolute Burglar Alarms Liverpool and we will try to help as much as possible about Wired and Wireless alarms.Visit our website at: 

 Wireless Alarms Liverpool, for further information on our wireless systems.


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